Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the HCG diet differ from others?

    Some of the unique features of the diet are that you are able to eat a very small amount of food without food cravings (appetite suppression), and HCG accesses stored fat, leading to a scuplted body, something akin to non-surgical liposuction.

  2. How much weight will you lose on the diet?

    This varies with metabolism and gender, but weight loss from 1-3 pounds daily is not at all unusual.

  3. Can you do the diet for more than 40 days?

  4. Is it possible to do a second course of HCG?


  5. Are the injections painful? How big are the needles?

  6. Can the plan be done with HCG drops, and/or injections?


  7. Does it work for everyone?

  8. What are the side effects of the diet or the HCG?

  9. I often get tired on diets. Is there a solution for this?

  10. Are there any ways to speed up weight loss?


  11. I've heard about MIC and L-carnitine shots; do you offer those to patients? What do they do?

  12. Does the HCG diet require the purchase of any special, pre-packaged foods?

    Not at all. On the HCG diet plan, our patients eat all natural, fresh foods, that can be puchased at any super market. All food eaten on the diet can be eaten and enjoyed by all members of a dieters family.

  13. Does HCG really suppress appetite?


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