Meet the Team


Robin Ellen Leder, M.D.

Robin Ellen Leder, M.D. is a graduate of Brown university and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. After graduation, she was a resident at Montefiore Hospital, and went on to work at the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine headed by Robert Atkins (the "Atkins Diet"). With Atkins, she began her career in holistic/nutritonal medicine. She has since treated many thousands of patients, achieving success with a variety of conditions, from cardiovascular (hypertension, high cholesterol) to gastrointestinal to endocrine (thyroid, adrenal, diabetes) to psychiatric, all using the safest most effective treatments available. Employing traditional and innovative testing, Dr. Leder is able to delve deeply into the body's chemistry and provide the best available solutions to optimize the health of her patients.

In this context, the doctor slowly introduced the HCG diet approach into her practice to achieve rapid and lasting weight loss, and to assist those who have had little success with other weight loss methods. Her extensive knowledge of nutrition, diets, and metabolism makes her an ideal choice to provide the safest, most effective guidance during one or more courses of the diet, as needed.




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Top 5 reasons to do the HCG diet with Doctor Leder

1. When using prescription medicine, it is always adviseable to be under a doctors care, monitoring your outcome closely.

2. Proper medical clearance will be done to make sure that this diet is a great choice for you.

3. Your personal medical information may lead the doctor to make adjustments to your plan to make it perfect for you. Only a physician, trained in medical nutrition can make these adjustments properly.

4. As a full-service facility, we are in a position to order additional therapies to make your experience safer, more comfortable, and more effective.

5. If thyroid problems or blood sugar imbalances exit, they can interfere with weight loss. Dr. Leder's unique background as a nutritional physician allowing her correcting these problems, putting you in a much better position not only to lose weight but to keep it off permanently